Life is all about having
a good time

TIMECAKE coordinates your business appointments, leisure time events and planning
dates with your friends and family all in one.

Joining a calendar with the benefit of planning together through a chat combined with artificial intelligence.


Timecake helps you to easily overview your day, week or month with just one glance at your mobile phone.

Every event is shown in miniatures with the most important key-information, so you don’t need to search for it. If you need to know anything else about the event, you will find it in the event-flyer, where you can directly chat with the other participants.

Groups (coming soon)

One of our main intentions at Timecake is that we want to help you plan and design your time TOGETHER. Groups help you to divide your activities by the different social groups you interact with.

This way you can plan appointments, presentations and conferences within your business groups. and training, games and trips within your soccer-club in sports groups.


Plan your events TOGETHER. For every event, there is the possibility to chat with the participants, to share pictures and to make memories.

Timecake even helps you to realize plans with friends, colleagues and others. If you don’t know exactly what, when or where you want to meet, we remind you to pick a time, to set a date and to actually meet and stay in contact.


With just one swipe you decide which event you want to attend, which friend, you want to add or which group you want to join. Timecake is making adding new events to your calendar as easy as possible for you, by entering the information by itself, so you can use your time in a better way.

Additionally we created the Timebot for you who is your personal time-management assistant and helps you throuout using Timecake.


Simple. Connected. Intelligent.
Available in the App Store and in Google Play store.

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